Pregnancy Massage

A massage when you're pregnant can be a wonderful way to ease aches and pains and to destress! It can also lift your mood and get those feel-good, pain-relieving endorphins flowing around your body, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. The experience is relaxing, soothing and nurturing.

At Holistic Touch Boutique we offer pregnancy massage after the 1st trimester, ideally after 16 weeks.

As a qualified aromatherapist essential oils can be used to help with some conditions associated with pregnancy.
The benefits of massage during pregnancy include:

  • Offering relief from backache, oedema, headaches, stiffness and tension
  • Reducing anxiety and tension
  • Promoting most restful sleep
  • Helping with leg cramps and¬†swelling with gentle massage to the legs

Massage can also be used during labour, techniques can be shown and oils provided to help in the labour room.
Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage